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  • Safety Assessment of X-Ray Machine
  • Safety Assessment on nuclear density gauge

Radiological applications Department

Review and evaluation of the notification by applicants of their intention to undertake activities involving radiation

Authorization of practices involving ionizing sources and devices

Inspection of premises where radiological sources and devices are used, against their records keeping, safety, safeguards and security measures

Enforcement on non-compliance issues in use of radiation sources and devices.

Granting of permit for import and export of radiation sources and devices

Granting of permit for the transport of radioactive sources

Development of regulations and guidance documents in the use of radiation sources and devices

Authorization of sites selected for construction and installation of radiological facilities and devices.


The scope of activities will cover the following facilities:

1.      Medical:

X-ray Diagnostic facilities.

Nuclear Medicine facilities

Radiotherapy Centers

Linear Accelerators



2.      Industrial

Nuclear gauges used in mines

Nuclear gauges used in the oil and gas industries

Nuclear gauges used in industrial radiography

Nuclear gauges used in road construction

Sources used for research and teaching

Sources used for agricultural purposes

Siting of a radiological facility

Operating a Radioactive waste management facility

Decommissioning of a radiological

Extraction, mining and processing of radioactive materials

Gamma Irradiators used for perseveration and sterilization purposes

Destination scanning facilities