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  • Safety Assessment of X-Ray Machine
  • Safety Assessment on nuclear density gauge


The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) is an effectively independent Regulatory Authority that was established by an Act of Parliament in August 2015 (Act 895, 2015). The mandate of the NRA is to ensure the peaceful application of IONIZING and NON-IONIZING radiation sources and devices in a safe and secure manner without limiting the benefits to mankind.

For the Radiological and Non-ionizing Installations (R&N) Directorate, its  main mandate to put in place measures and controls that will ensure that in the use of ionizing radiation sources and devices as well as non-ionizing radiation devices, humans (workers, the general public and patients) and the environment are not unduly affected. For the controls to be effective, the enabling regulations and guidance to help users of radiation and members of the public meet the regulatory requirements will have to be developed and to enforce these regulations.

The Directorate has four (4) main Departments with each having specific roles and duties to be carried out: