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The Human Resources Department (HRD) is in the Directorate of Finance and Administration and exists to play the dual role of partnering with Senior Management in the planning and execution of human resource management policies and performing administrative functions in relation to the management of employees.

The HRD partners Senior Management in areas including:

·         Formulation of organisational policies and procedures

·         Review of policies, procedures and practices

·         Communication of changes in personnel policies and procedures to staff and management

·         Development of organisational strategy

·         Workforce planning and recruitment

·         Training and development of staff

·         Performance management

The Department leads in the implementation of organisational policies, programmes and procedures with the ultimate aim of assisting the Authority achieve its strategic objectives.

The Human Resources Department also plays a critical role as an employee advocate by presenting staff concerns to Senior Management and providing advice, guidance and direction to Staff and Management on matters regarding Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Agreement.

In 2016, the NRA had 57 established staff from diverse scientific, technical, managerial and professional disciplines all transferred from the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission to form the nucleus of the Authority.