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Mr. John Alexis Pwamang

Acting Executive Director

Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana

Mr. John A. Pwamang obtained a BSc. in Public Health Engineering from Brown University in the USA in June 1982 and a Masters of Science in Water and Environmental Management from the Loughborough University in the United Kingdom in 1996.

He joined the Environmental Protection Agency in March 1990 as a Programme Officer and served at various periods as head of the Agency’s Regional Offices in the Northern, Upper West and Greater Accra Regions.  He also worked as head of the Agency’s Manufacturing Industry Department and briefly as Chief Scientific Secretary. As head of the Manufacturing Industry Department, he coordinated implementation of the Cleaner Production Demonstration Project, which showed significant results in reduced water usage in the industrial sector.

From 2004 to April 2014, Mr. Pwamang served as Director of the Chemicals Control and Management Centre of the EPA and Registrar of Pesticides. In that capacity, he led the establishment of methods for pesticide risk assessment, coordinated assessments on pesticide products submitted for registration, developed regulations for pesticide control and management, and developed Ghana’s national implementation plan for the Stockholm Convention. He ensured national frameworks were in place for Ghana’s compliance under the multilateral agreements to which the country is signatory; i.e., the Vienna, Stockholm, Rotterdam and Basel Conventions and the Montreal Protocol.

From May 2014 to July 2016, Mr. Pwamang was the Deputy Executive Director in charge of Operations for the Agency.  As head of Operations, he was responsible for all programmes and activities of the Agency’s Field Offices including monitoring compliance with environmental requirements.

On 1st August 2016, Mr. Pwamang assumed leadership of the Agency as the Acting Executive Director.  Also, he is a part-time lecturer in Nuclear and Environmental Protection at the Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, and he is a member of Ghana’s newly-established Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

He has attended a number of short courses in environmental and related issues and participated in a number of international conferences, seminars and workshops.  He has published a number of scientific and technical papers on various topics and his areas of expertise are in hazardous chemicals and hazardous wastes control and management.